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Welcome to! Running Mania is an online community of runners from across Canada with the purpose of encouraging and supporting runners of all ages and abilities. We welcome beginners, elites, and everyone in between to join us in sharing our knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience with each other. We also have a very enthusiastic group of multi-sporters in our midst, so you can connect with others involved in duathlons, triathlons, and the like.

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We now have a growing collection of running route maps, submitted by our members. (more)

Running Wisdom....
I found out I had Cancer when I was 27. During my recovery, I realized how this was my second kick at the can. So, about 6 months after my treatments ended, I chose to train for a 1/2 marathon in Ottawa (May). I also said that if I did finish it, I would take my girlfriend to Bora Bora in November of the same year....right after I finish the Canadian Internat. Marathon in the Tdot. If you know anyone who has had cancer and has been blessed to be able to live and tell others about it, your life goals and what is important changes big time! Yes, I did the ....1/2.... the Full .....and got engaged in Bora is too short! (TheBman)

January 2012 - There will be a new gear order soon! Check the Gearing Up board for details!