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A Message from the Admins

Postby Nicholas » Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:12 pm

This message is in response to the recent postings on this web site but it relates to the ongoing action and debate on the forum. It reflects our joint opinion.

RM is a diverse community with a great mix of passion, concern, respect and talent. There are, however, limitations on how people interact through such an online forum:
1. Remarks can be mis-interpreted as the reader cannot hear the intonation of the writer's voice.
2. The writer is usually trying to post a short reply and may not convey their meaning/intent properly.
3. Passion or re-action to a previous post often causes a poster to type faster than their common sense can keep up.
4. Remarks can be mis-interpreted as the reader often filters or interprets posts based on history or their own prejudices.
5. People will often write statements that they would not say to that person face to face.
6. Some posters enjoy getting on their favourite soapbox and preaching, even if no-one is listening.
7. There are members who encourage and enjoy an "active" dialogue.
8. There are members who prefer the membership to be in a permanent state of harmony.
9. Some posters do have trouble explaining themselves clearly.

Our fourth "rule" states: "Respect is key. We welcome diverse discussion and opinions, but within the boundaries of respect for others and their opinions."
This statement is double-edged. It means that no-one should put down anyone else for their opinion or be-little them for it. It also means that readers should understand that a statement in a post is just the opinion of the poster and one that they are entitled to hold.

We do not believe that this forum can ever be in a constant state of harmony. It is up to the Admins and Mods to try to strike a balance between the various views and interests of the membership and to maintain RM as a positive experience. It is up to the members to understand the diversity on this site and to know when to respond and when to just back off and let things slide. Often, rising to the bait simply makes things worse and is not worth the effort. This is especially true in light of the real potential for misunderstanding outlined in bullets 1-9 above.

We certainly appreciate all of you as people and your contributions as members. That is why we volunteered for this role. However, we have no desire to adopt any of you.....

Marg, Holly & Nicholas

Thanks to Q for this short educational video:


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