Marathon Training with a Full-Time Job

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Re: Marathon Training with a Full-Time Job

Postby Jo-Jo » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:10 pm

La wrote:
Stampie wrote:
Jo-Jo wrote:
La wrote:
Jwolf wrote:
Robinandamelia wrote:
Jogger Barbie wrote:(Although for the record, I am getting closer to choosing to spend some of my disposable income on a housekeeping service. Yet another series of choices.)

Been thinking about this myself....

Definitely do this!

I think I'm going to do this with the money I'll be earning from my PT job.

Curious...where's your part time job?

Curious as well... p/t sous chef?

I'm going to be a WeightWatcher's leader. :)

Perfect job for you!!
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Re: Marathon Training with a Full-Time Job

Postby pts » Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:33 pm

turd ferguson wrote:
La wrote:The whole point of the article (and the photo Turd posted echoes this), is that people who are inclined to run marathons are already high achievers, so they figure out a way to get everything done.

My point is that "busy" is often an excuse. "I'm too busy to run" usually means "I've chosen not to make running a priority".

Which is fine. There's nothing at all wrong with not making running a priority - just be conscious of the decision.

This. I personally have chosen right now not to focus on running. This is partly because of an ongoing injury but also partly because I am enjoying other things in life right now. I don't admire people who run marathons while having a full time job any more or less than I admire people who do other things. I guess I just figure that everyone has their own priorities and experiences and who am I to judge or praise anyone else.
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