ORW Pace Bunny Report: 2016

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ORW Pace Bunny Report: 2016

Postby canalrunner » Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:29 am

I have doing this accountability report every year for the past while to let people know how well pacers did at Race Weekend (and Army Run). My goal is to have as many pacers as possible within 30 seconds of their time in 10k and within a minute in the half and marathon.

Obviously it was an amazing but hot weekend of running in Ottawa. It was a challenge for the runners, for the organizers and for the city, and everyone responded amazingly. The Pacer results in our Annual Run for the Carrots challenge awarding the Golden ears to pacers closest to their time in each race, showed both the challenges and the successes of being a bunny on a hot race weekend especially in the marathon. It was not a weekend for PBs, it was a time to target healthy finishes. Here are the results of the Run for the Carrots (not verified by the A-G):

In the 10k, 13 out 14 pacers were within a minute of their times, and 8 were within 10 seconds, 10 out of 14 within 30 seconds and everyone within 1:30 seconds. The Golden ears for the best bunny in the 10k was within .3 second of his 45 minute time, delivering a knock-out blow to defending Golden Ears winner who finished .6 second away in second place as a 60 minute bunny.

In the half marathon, 22 out of 26 pacers were within 1 minute of their times, and another great stat: 9 were within 10 seconds and 16 were within 30 seconds. The Golden Ears winner came within .3 second of her time as the 2:30 pacer nudging out the second place pacer who came within .6 second of her time in the 2:20 slot.

In the marathon, 14 out of 24 pacers were within 1 minute of their times. 7 came within 10 seconds, 13 came within 1 minute. We had 2 DNF. The Golden Ears came within .3 second of his time as the 3:45 hour pacer. Honourable mention goes to 3:25 pacer and 3:40 pacer who came within 1.3 seconds of their times. Some challenges in the marathon given the heat but overall a great result.

Also this year a number of pacers participated in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge as part of the Pacers Give Back program, we raised over $4,000 for local charities. We had good support from Running Room and Saucony for pace team.

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Re: ORW Pace Bunny Report: 2016

Postby Pat29 » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:12 am

Great job organizing the pace bunnies again Mark.

I was right behind the 3:25 pace bunny and as mentioned in another thread we met a big crowd of slower half runners when we got back downtown. He did a great job maintaining his pace as he worked through the crowds over the last 3 km of the race.
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Re: ORW Pace Bunny Report: 2016

Postby scrumhalfgirl » Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:32 pm

awesome as always!
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