Mother's Day Sunday.

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Bill Crothers
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Mother's Day Sunday.

Postby barebuns1 » Sun May 14, 2017 7:42 pm

10km run at the Mother's Day Run, Walk, & Ride in Calgary. They had over 10,000 participants. Beautiful day for running.

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Jerome Drayton
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Re: Mother's Day Sunday.

Postby marymac442 » Sun May 14, 2017 7:48 pm

37k long run, longest run before San Diego marathon at the beginning of June. Had a bit of every weather, cool and dry, steady mist, major sun shower and finally some sunshine.
It ended up taking 4:17 which wasn't too bad considering my wrong turn and back tracking on a seriously muddy single track bike path.
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Bill Crothers
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Re: Mother's Day Sunday.

Postby RobW » Sun May 14, 2017 8:57 pm

Ah here's the thread that pays tribute to Mother's Day with some class.

Ran 8k then spent the day with my mom.

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Kevin Sullivan
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Re: Mother's Day Sunday.

Postby Habs4ever » Sun May 14, 2017 9:39 pm

Rest day from running. Had a Mother's Day BBQ with the extended family.
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Re: Mother's Day Sunday.

Postby Nicholas » Mon May 15, 2017 8:15 am

Sporting Life 10K in Ottawa. 8 seconds slower than last year....maybe next year I can just mail in my time and sleep in.

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Lynn Williams
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Re: Mother's Day Sunday.

Postby chunkymonkeymelonhed » Mon May 15, 2017 6:34 pm

Started the day with 6.5K. :D
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