Shoes causing tors numbness

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Shoes causing tors numbness

Postby sunshine » Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:17 am

Hey all.
I would love some advice about shoes.
I am an overprint or, without flat feet. I have a normal/high arch.
I wore the Saucony Omni for about 10 years but found the fit really changed with the Omni 15 and stopped buying them. For a couple years I was able to buy older models of the Omni on Amazon or other discount stores but I haven't been able to do that on my last replacement or just recently.
Instead I went with the Saucony Guide 10. It's a comfortable shoe and seems to fit well but my third, fourth and fifth toes go numb while walking and running.
I tried googling the cause and can't find anything helpful. The shoes aren't tied too tight. I don't have this problem in other shoes.
Are they just a bad fit even though they feel comfortable?

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